Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Indulging Colour.

Here are some pics of the wall I painted, over three days last week - from hot pink to duck egg blue. It's part of the rejigging of this room to create some desperately needed workspace for the exhibition I have later in the year. However it is also, I have to admit, the final touch for a personal style I'd previously dubbed 'Marie Antoinette Meets Gidget'. Naturally it was hard to say goodbye to the pink but I knew I wouldn't regret the duck egg blue. I'm obsessed with it. That and pastels in general splashed with neon. Colours which also, coincidentally, happen to be in fashion right now. I don't know what to make of that. Artists, I think, like to consider themselves above trends and fashion and it is hard to admit what a follower you are. Generally though I just love colour. While I admire really clean palettes and a minimalist style I'm not really capable of either. I guess these photos can attest to that. I am however trying to draw back from my habit of too much of everything. Pulling this studio space together the one thing I'm desperate to achieve is a sense of clarity so that there is minimal distraction from getting the work I've committed to for the year done. Not sure how successful I've been with that. Calling it "Marie Antoinette Meets Gidget' for a start doesn't exactly inspire a sense of workplace integrity. What it does do however is inspire the wannabe stylist in me. For the last couple of days I've been playing with this heavenly shade of blue, co opting my new neon pink sandals and various other 'props' into a photo shoot and exercising my amateur photography skills . It's so indulgent this time wasting behaviour, but I just have to exorcise this frothy decorative impulse before tomorrow - the deadline for beginning some serious work. Hoping this lot will do the trick.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mood Shifting Neon.

Ok, after that last (somewhat cathartic) post, I'm in the mood for some acid sharp mood shifting neon. I can't get enough of it these days.

Disability Friendly.

Last night I went to the opening of Bad Girls at CCAS. A perfect evening weather wise and Gorman House, with it's old buildings and garden courtyards enchanting as ever while the exhibition itself was spectacular. So it was with some resentment that I was barely holding myself up. Dosed up on oxycodone it still wasn't enough. I know these events are useful for networking but really that was just out of the question, let alone plain socialising with the people I love to see. I knew within moments of getting there I'd judged my situation poorly.Maybe it didn't help that I'd worn my red suede platforms but flat shoes make me so short I have to crane my neck and I'm just too weak to sustain that so it's not the red shoes at fault here. If anything they helped. After enough of these art exhibition openings one thing I've worked out is that you need stamina. There is no sitting down. Sitting does not really facilitate mingling or networking which is key to how this industry works. My sad, ongoing conclusion is that, once again, there is little room for disability in the modern world. It's just a paradigm thing really. We think ourselves disability friendly because we put ramps up around buildings and hand rails in the bathrooms. It's kind of laughable when you think about it.

Maybe I would have been better off in Victorian times where every well off respectable family boasted an invalid of their own. A servent to carry them down to the drawing room, given the well appointed window seat, their correspondence bought in and then left alone to write their poetry until a warm nourishing lunch was served. Just as a fact of life - well people, sick people, people. Now we have modern medicine and antibiotics no one has the right to be sick, unable to work. And if you are sick, and want to get along in the world at least make it look like you can. What a tragic little deal with the devil that is starting to feel like.

(Making the local social pages. Me in the middle with my red canvas backpack).

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Holiday Projects That Never Got Done.

As you recall I left you at the end of my last post on both a personal and (it has to be said) blogging high with pictures of my gleaming cutlery drawer. The truth is though not all my holiday intentions were so successfully executed. Which leads me now to the task of listing, with shame and regret, those projects sitting around the house, in various states of undone, beseeching me with accusing and disappointed eyes. In no particular order it was not to be....

....Cool patchwork totes. You would have been soooo cool. Seriously. At least you with the Julie Patterson fabric and quasi neon red linen lining. I regret that you were not to be this season. not least for the straps - I got the iron out and everything.....Moving on, it was not to be....

.....repainted vintage bathroom cabinet cum sewing box. Why? Because you have to be the perfect colour and it turns out Canary was not it. Nor Academy Grey. It could be red though. I really think you need to be red, specifically Wattyl Sacred Heart. I sure hope so at $19.95 a sample pot.....

Moving on, it was not to be....Studio Space. This started out so promising. I sold the 1960s lounge on ebay for $182.00. Into the vacated space moved my grandmother's 1950s dressing table. Into that vacated  space, where a large desk should have moved, fell stashes of fabric, boxes of nails, magazines, an electrical sander, tangled sculpting wire, magazines, shoeboxes, unused frames, stale cashews, tins of half used paint, magazines, a small filing system and a large bag of second hand clothes burdened with an uncertain future. The whole stagnating mess threatens to undermine the studio project entirely...