Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011.

A few weeks ago I joined up for Sketchbook Project 2011. I hadn't heard of it until recently and it seemed like a really good idea as I had wanted to use these summer holidays for working on my drawing and nothing works better for me it seems than having a deadline. And this deadline, it occurred to me yesterday, is ridiculously close. This is what I have achieved thus far....

I have an excuse though. I needed to wait until the chandelier was complete and I was free to focus on something else. Well the chandelier is done (!!!!!! will post some pics of it when I get a bit more time) and that gave me the opportunity this weekend to open up the envelope from the Sketchbook Project organisers which contained my moleskin journal and some extra details. Well the first thing that occured to me was "my, the pages are quite thin and there are a lot of them". Not being what I'd imagined I was taken aback. ALARMED in fact. Especially as there is only three months and I have missed the first month busy with course work. So some executive decisions: will use a lot of collage - both to give weight to the pages and to fill them a bit faster. Also I may glue some of the pages together (all artistic decisions obviously....). A quick scout of the web suggests others are wondering about the thin quality of the pages too. Like here. And here. Anyway, what am I doing sitting here blogging when I should be SKETCHING?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tim Ryan And Gold Lame.

I love gold lame. Pity then that so few opportunities arise in my life to wear it. I'm starting to wonder though if I should just start wearing it regardless. School pick up? For sure. Saturday morning cricket? Why not! Ask not where one  can wear gold lame but where can't one wear it. These are from Tim Ryan's S/S 2011 collection and they side step any connotation I might have for 60's gold lame, Samantha Steven's cocktail wardrobe, and modernise it thoroughly. Great updated silhouettes and really loving it with the pale blues, mauves and shots of graphic black. I hope there's going to be a lot more of this lame going around....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Good News.

Good news. Archie seems to be enjoying singing time at school. A lovely surprise when he starts singing a song from school, if a little incompletely, at the dinner table in a soft sweet voice. Something about a bit of algae making friends with a bear, lyrics only my daughter bothers to decode: "Do you realise he's singing about a bear that eats his new friend?" she warned me. And yes, if I'm hearing right the Bear does "grow Bulgy" and the "Bulge is Algae" but does it matter? He's singing. He's participating is the point.
Not so long ago I took my mum to an assembly where Archie had one of the main non speaking parts (bless his teacher) as a pirate. Before the main attraction the music teacher struck up a tune on the piano all of which the children seemed to know and sing along to. Except Archie. Who was staring up at the ceiling. "What's wrong?" I whispered to my mother, alarmed. "Why isn't my little boy joining in the singing?"
"I don't know" whispered my mother, equally confused "It appears he has slipped into a coma". 
Three songs later and the ceiling was still holding his attention. Later that afternoon, after congratulating him on his original take on being a pirate, I ask "Why weren't you singing along with all the other little boys and girls?"
"It was bor-wing." he said of which I duly report to my mother.
"...and that's why he wasn't joining in the singing" I tell her.
"Maybe he's Bold and Beautiful" she suggests, confusing the school's 'Gifted and Talented' programme with a mid afternoon soap opera. "Have you spoken with his teacher?"
"Hmmm. It wouldn't hurt to get him tested" I say.
And who knows? Little bits of talent seem to be popping up everywhere. Just this morning he surprised us with his beat box stylings from the back of the car.
 "Aka spitting into his hands." Ruby snorts from the passenger's seat, trying not to laugh "Gross......"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

French Hanging.

With the promise of  study wrapping up in a week I've been thinking about the bare walls in my house and what I'd like to do do with them. One option is the french hanging style shown in these pics. They all look wonderfully casual and haphazard but I suspect there's a lot more skill required for this look than it appears and as I may just find out when I try it for myself...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cool Studio Space.

I was immediately captured by these interior shots featured a week or so back on Made by Girl. They are of a studio belonging to photographer Bethy from Eden Photography. First of all it's the colours -  pale minty green, warm aubergine and then a tomato red chair and a mustard yellow couch thrown in. Beautiful, oringinal, quirky and different to anything else I've seen. If it looks a bit like a cubby house that's because it was oringinally a chicken coop in the 1900s, then the family playhouse and now the backyard studio. It just looks like such a fun place to be and create in.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Crap Parent Award.

Wow, two awards in one week! First the Versatile Blogger Award and now The Crap Parent Award which I have awarded to my partner and myself for the following incidents.

- Driving our daughter and her friends home accross town from band rehearsals in a car with a clutch about to give. Limping home in the dark having to restart the car every time gears need changing. Of course the kids loved the drama. "We thought we were going to die!!!" my daughter's friend gleefully told her mother, having to be picked up from our place where the trip was finally aborted.

- Sending our daughter off on the state band tour at 7.30 in the morning sans trumpet. Daughter's friend's dad (who is chauffering because our car has dodgy clutch) rings up at destination in panic "Missing a trumpet".

- Discover later on that father of daughter's friend has also stopped en route at bakery for danish pastry when our daughter announces no one has fed her that morning.

We accept our Crap Parent Award as duly deserved and are happy to pass it on to whom ever else feels worthy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award.

Excitement plus! I have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely (and obviously discerning) Anna of Anna's Paraply. I often fret that my blog can't make up it's mind what it wants to focus on but I'm thinking the word versatile has a really good ring to it. Thank you Anna for this honour! So here's how it's done: First the rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

So here we go - Seven things about myself you were dying to know....

1. I don't like classical music but can't help thinking I'm missing out on something.

2. When I was ten I spied Dick Emery - the flamboyant comedian from 1970's British television skit-fest 'The Dick Emery Show' - at our tiny local airport. I bet my cousin I could get Dick Emery's autograph and got the airport staff to take me into the "celebrity" quarters where he was drinking scotch with his entourage at ten in the morning. He was wearing a  decadent long fur coat  with massive amounts of gold bling and when I emerged with the autograph everyone wanted a piece of me.

3.I loved the X-Files back in the 1990s and still can't forgive David Duchovny for not getting in shape for the 2008 follow up movie X-Files: I Want To Believe. I spent the first half hour thinking "When's he going to lose the fat suit?"

4.I dream of the day I get a job in Borders and the manager says "Does anyone want this old pile of glossy international fashion magazines?"

5. I love the movie Ghost World.

6. As a teenager I attended a British boarding school just like the one in Harry Potter. Being a major sports talent they trotted me out to win every single match, game, tournament and race for them. As a consequence I was always too tired to study and thats the reason I didn't perform academically. Oh hang on! That wasn't me, that was my husband. I guess I've just heard that story so many times over the years I've gotten confused and thought it was mine. Sorry.

7. I originally started this blog as a way out of the lost housewife rut I'd found myself in. It worked!

NB. Apologies to my husband for stealing one of his life experiences for blog fodder and who by the way did manage to perform academically despite all the demands put on his resources!

Now to pass on the award. I nominate:

1. Lady Of the Arts.
2. Inaluxe.
3. 3 Sheets.
4. Vanilla Scraps.
5. Ruby-Robin.
6. Dear Olive.
7. Blue Moss.

I hope they all enjoy the challenge!