Thursday, April 30, 2009


Had the misfortune last night of watching Australia's Next Top Model where infantile adults get to judge teenage girls on their looks. Even the usually lovely Sarah O Hare forces out comments akin to "We thought you were shy but now we can see there's nothing actually there" to a sixteen year old contestant. Constructive right?
But that's nothing to Alex Perry who stands in a tragic little huddle of immaturity with Charlotte Dawson and Priscilla Leighton Clark (model agent) while the teenage girls are forced to walk through a room on their own by way of introduction to a small crowd of fashion and celebrity types. Snipes such as "She's got no top lip. What a block head" and "What a lump. What a moose." suggest Perry was either systematically rejected by the most beautiful girls in High School or dropped on his head at birth causing an arrested development the likes of which the fashion world has never seen.
Best in show however must go to stylist John Pease, who is fully nasty in his criticism of the the girls' non existent modelling skills (hello, the actual premise of the show) and yet throws an almighty hissy fit when one of the girls suggests the Swimwear Couture he's chosen for a shoot looks like something out of a Special K ad. Unable to take what he's been dishin' John accuses the teenage girl of being...wait for it...unprofessional. Boy I got a good laugh out of that one.
Supposedly the tough fashion industry needs it's models to be resillient to constant and crass judgements but what teenage girl has buckets of resillience about her looks? Seeings the industry leeches and survives off the youth and beauty of these kids maybe they should be showing THEM more respect and not the other way around.


My favourite picture book at the moment is definitely Bazaar Style by Serena Lake.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chickie Has His Portrait Done

I couldn't believe it the other day when I found Archie in the studio drawing his new friend Chickie. He never draws! And chickie was sitting there in a quiet composure until the drawing was completed! Madness!

Have wondered lately if Archie's reluctance to draw has anything to do with all the coddling from Perthes' disease he gets. The inactivity, the lack of opportunity to build hand strength out on the monkey bars like other kids. With the latest x ray results we've relaxed that a bit so is he feeling freer to try out other stuff too? More confident with his motor skills? Or is it just the inspiration gained from our trip last week to Canberra's new National Portrait Gallery?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Made Me Smile Today.

I bought this felted brooch from Sydney's Paddington Markets a year ago. Love the colour combination with my aqua cardi and the cloth covered button!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ticking One Off

Don't you just love it when you finish a project that's been sitting around for a while? When I was pregnant with Ruby I decided her birth date would be a good deadline for all those outstanding craft projects cluttering my home. The main one was a mirror I had interestingly paper mache'd big scrolls around and then mosaiced an inner border with small yellow and blue tiles I'd fashioned myself from polymer clay. I know, creative genius at work.

Anyway due date creeping up I still hadn't finished it. Truth be told it wasn't quite shaping up as the avante garde masterpiece of the century. And yet I had made myself a promise. On the night I went into labour I sat there at midnight gluing in my mosaic tiles, running out of said tiles, making some more, burning them in the oven, filling the house with toxic polymer fumes, making more, gluing them in - all in between excruciating contractions. I just didn't want to start off my new life as a mother on the back foot - ie with a half done paper mache, polymer tile mosaic mirror collecting dust under the bed. Who would?

That was ten years ago and even though the mirror has long since left us (after a full and eventful life in the back room, the cubby house and then the garage) I still remember the motivation I was able to galvanise in between contractions to Finnish it off. And I draw strength from that when I walk into the studio and see the thousand and ten half baked projects begging for their lives. Here is one such project I somehow managed to get done within a six week period (that's good for me). It's an inspiration/mood board made from a cork tile painted a french blue and a frame I found at the Salvos for $6. So brilliantly kitsch - gold timber scroll work with an inlay of beige linen - I hope my photos show it up - Fabulous! Goes perfectly in the studio whose decor could only realistically be described as Marie Antoinette meets Gidget.

Monday, April 6, 2009

bone growth

Celebrating today! Archies's latest x rays show excellent bone growth over the last six months. The little femoral head has nearly re- ossified (grown back) and done so in a pretty good shape. What this means is no more worries about major hip operations and that in a years time the disease process will be nearing its end. (A truly odd disease Perthes'). The Growth plate continues to look a bit dodgy but even that wont have huge ramifications. A happy, lucky and grateful day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Trip to Sydney

Ruby and I just had a wonderful weekend in Sydney with my sister and her baby girl. It was great to spend some time with them and get to know little C better as she has grown so much since we saw her six weeks ago. Vowed not to go another six weeks without seeing her. Her current obsession is "puppies" the same obsession shared by my little boy Archie who is five. She would outdo him though I'm sure. Archie draws the line at softly chanting "puppies, puppies" to himself every night before he drops off.

The other great thing about Sydney was visiting ReVAmpt - the place which sells mid century modern treasures. There is just no way you'd find this stuff in Canberra. I took some photos of my favourites mid century delights (the cupcakes are from Bondi junction. Hopefully they are much fresher).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Any Takers?

Was concerned to see this outside Ruby's bedroom yesterday, trying to sell off her rubbish (empty cans of impulse and unwanted badge) to passers by. Am wondering if my habit of selling anything not nailed down on ebay is morally damaging my children. Archie will come accross some old broken bit of uselessess from his toy box and ask "Can you sell this on ebay mum?".
Have cheered myself somewhat by the honesty system Ruby is spruiking her wares with - trusting that if the goods are gone $2 will be left in their place. So far no takers.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009